Make Sense of Your Data, Make Better Decisions

We are an AI company that builds computational models for everything that makes us human, so that our clients can understand people better at scale, in diverse application domains such as HR, Retail, Finance, and more.

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What we do

Holistic Profiler

We do not just follow standard black-box approaches. We start by reviewing published scientific literature that are rigorous and peer-reviewed, in the relevant application domain. Based on this evidence, we build explainable belief models that maps sparse input data to thousands of related human constructs.

Incorporate Past Data

We know that a huge volume of relevant past data reside in many various parts of an organization. This can be in the form of paper-work, databases, or even in intangible forms, like past experience gathered from years of work. Mercurics can incorporate these past data into our computational models.

Generate Deep People Profiles

Our key strength is in helping your organization understand people deeply, at scale, even with sparse data, so that you can make better decisions for your business. This could apply equally to your clients, customers, or even your internal staff. From HR needs, such as job placement and team-fit, to retail consumer segmentation, to finance KYC, our methods translate equally well.

Technology Overview

Mercurics Cognitive AI Engine

We help you see patterns by turning data into actionable outcomes.

One example is hiring in HR. Should you hire a candidate? Our engine turns data, even sparse data, into clear, understandable metrics that you can use.

Result: transparent decision-making, greater certainty backed by data.


Dr Huiguang Liang
CEO, Co-founder

Deep love for science. 10 years of experience in R&D. Specializes in social IoT, collaborative systems, sharing economies, and people analytics. Convinced that Mercurics will define the future of work.

Dr Jiajue Ou
Lead Data Scientist

Passionate about data analytics. 8 years of R&D experience. Specializes in ubiquitous computing, data mining, signal processing, and people analytics.

Kai Reuber
Product Director

Background in Psychology. Broad experience in the Human Resource space. Wants to change the under-utilisation of People Data within organisations.

Dr Hwee-Xian Tan

Computer scientist who loves innovation! 14 years of applied R&D experience. Passionate about use of technology for social good and inclusive societies. Other interests include Internet of Things (IoT) and analytics. Faculty @ SMU.

Ray Tham
Backend Architect

Multipotentialite who loves leveraging technology to create great solutions. He designs, develops and integrates the various systems to deliver the best outcomes for our clients. Also ensures that our robots are on their best behaviour.

Zhenyang Lim
Designer w/ Dev Bg

Visual design wizard; designs solutions melding big ideas with tiny details. User-focused developer; puts small pieces of code together to form the bigger program. Builds with users' needs in mind.

Mr Clarence Tan
Business Advisor & Co-founder

25 years of entrepreneurship. Founder and Executive Director of Origgin and Enlop Ptd Ltd. Director of ICMG Financial Services

Dr Boon-Kiat Quek
Scientific Advisor

15 years of experience in computational psychology and psycho-metrics. More than 10 internationally recognized scientific publications. Inventor of the tech framework that powers Mercurics.

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We don't have any opening currently. But, we are always on a lookout for talent! If you feel you can contribute in your unique way, drop us an email!